Welcome, weary traveler…

…to the Detholz! Mp3 Blog!

Detholz! is a Chicago-based musical ensemble that has encompassed more than just its music– an entire community of musicians and artists can be traced back to Detholz! over its 11-year history, and the now-famous (infamous?) house where the band still rehearses and resides, MAPLEWOOD, in the North Center neighborhood on Chicago’s North Side.

This blog is a repository for the music and art of the Detholz! and Maplewood community. Here, you will find not only new projects, brainchildren, and side projects of Detholz!, but of their colleagues and associates as well, UPDATED EVERY WEDNESDAY! Tune in every week for free music and/or art with commentary by the musician/artist. Please comment, vote and review what you hear and see– this blog will serve to help Detholz! construct their next record!

Thank you for visiting, and let us know of your love, hate, admiration, disdain or any other appropriate adjective. We’d love to hear from you!

Your pals,



6 Responses to “Welcome, weary traveler…”

  1. Alison Kenady Says:

    Hey guys! Great blog! I remember reading on your myspace about your evangelical upbringing. I had one of those too! (gasp!) Although we never discussed it, I think this is what brings us together, well, that and our love of music! That and the fact that I am an obsessed fan! You guys rock! Check out my myspace, I have some songs up now! Old songs that you have heard, but songs on the web, nonetheless! Am trying to get the $$$ together to do another album. What do you think? Maybe the Vortecs corporation could help?

  2. detholz Says:

    Hi Alison:

    Thanks for tuning in!

    We all agree that the DH! fave is still “The Doc.”

    Hope this finds you well!

  3. Steve Chignell Says:

    This is a cool idea, good thinking. Those two new songs are choice! I’m really looking forward to the new CD, as are most of my friends out here in Hawaii. They really love your stuff. That FBI agent and Tammy Faye’s stories are incredible; I can see why you’d be inspired by them. You guys are still in Chicago yeah? Since I’m coming to Wheaton in a couple weeks, I hope I can catch some of your shows. Kurt and I will represent.

  4. detholz Says:

    Aloha Steve,

    Thanks for spreading the Gospel of Deth in Hawaii! It occurs to me that we should book more shows there…

    We’re still in Chicago… hope you’ll come see us sometime! Best of luck in your Fall semester.

    Remember: only YOU can prevent Rich Powers.

  5. Steve Chignell Says:

    Holy Frick. I’ve got that little riff that comes right after the line, “let’s hear it for Tammy!” running around in my head. It hurts so good. Seriously the new songs sound great. Are you going to be done with the CD by the end of the summer? Why am I the only person on this blog besides Alison K? I feel weird.

    So I just saw “Breach,” cuz you and this other guy recommended it. Pretty nuts yeah? I can’t believe that guy. I think the craziest thing about it all was his devotion to the Catholic church. How could he be so religious and so (seemingly) genuine, and yet so crooked at the same time? And you were right, Chris Cooper was awesome. He always seems to play the hardened government agent, but it just fits him. Love that guy.

  6. detholz Says:


    Take a look at the “Comments” sections of the individual blog posts– there’s been plenty of fur flying! Feel free to throw your hat in the ring with all of the other music-folk.

    DH! probably won’t even begin recording until January, at the earliest. Karl is getting married this Sept., and we have our Halloween show to prepare for, which always takes at least 2 months of solid rehearsal. The next record will probably be in hand by spring of 2008.

    I think Hanssen rationalized his behavior to the point of self-delusion, and that he adopted his wife’s faith with such fervency (he was raised a Lutheran) was just another aspect of the smokescreen he had up to avoid taking real responsibility for his actions.

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