This space intentionally left blank

Dear, dear aficionados,

Greetings from Wenceslas Square in the heart of Prague!

The Detholz! Mp3 blog is off this week.  I am in Prague (see above) and am unable to post the requisite mp3.

Tune in next Wednesday for a DOUBLE SHOT of unreleased Halloween covers!

Until then, as they say in the business over here:”DOBRY DEN.”


15 Responses to “This space intentionally left blank”

  1. dj Says:


  2. Jim Says:

    son of a….

  3. Jim Says:

    It’ll all be worth it when he comes back with some awesomely composed Prague rock. (sorry)

  4. kebabdylan Says:

    the detholz! are such world travelers. seriously.

    dj, i thought of commenting the same way and then saw yours.

    Jim, Prague Rock… very bad. very band indeed.

  5. anonymous Intarweb poster Says:

    I learned long ago that if you have something to say, let Darth Vader say it for you.

    So, in summation:

  6. anonymous Intarweb poster Says:

    Oh, and Prague Rock?


  7. kebabdylan Says:

    i was at the dentist today and all I could think was “would this song be a good detholz cover?”

    the only sure match was “all she wants to do is dance” by don henley. But the most deserving of ridicule was that horrid john mayer song about mothers and daughters and bothers and lovers.

    one suggestion for the studio. record mr. roboto. Its such an icon of the detholz and there are no good recordings of it.

  8. BP Says:

    I totally agree. You should cover that John Mayer song!

  9. kebabdylan Says:

    Amen BP! maybe we can start a “cover that john mayer song movement”

    DJ where are you? Are you in?

  10. dj Says:

    Yeah. Not a big fan of Mr. Mayer so I don’t know what song you’re talking about. And one of the best parts of listening to a ‘holz cover is finding out what song it really is. And if I don’t know the song, I’ll miss that moment.

    Sorry to be selfish, but this movement must forge on without me.

    However, if the movement is just “Cover that one John Mayer Song” without any reference to any specific song, I’m in.

  11. Jim Says:

    I’m not sure what specific song is being mentioned here either, but in general, I don’t think Mayer is irritating enough to make it on the JOTD list. I’m not sure. Perhaps I just need to hear “That One John Mayer Song”.

  12. kebabdylan Says:

    it’s called “daughers” and yes, it is seriously that irritating. The chorus goes:

    Fathers be good to your daughters
    Daughters will love like you do
    Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
    So mothers be good to your daughters too

  13. kebabdylan Says:

    on a side note. jim. have you seen american psycho? There is a scene where christian bale is having a threesome with two hookers while blasting susudio AND waxing eloquently about the talents of one phil collins

  14. Jim Says:

    “Daughters”, eh? I’ll remember to keep away, although, I’ll have to get a hold of a copy of American Psycho.

    Hey. Isn’t it Wednesday or something?

  15. Jim Says:

    Sorry Cooper. I jumped the gun just a little.

    Yay for Wednesday again!

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