JUKEBOX OF THE DEAD VIII – V.I. “John” Lenin’s “Imagine”

Greetings, super-tanned and baggy-eyed spirits of the underworld, and welcome to Detholz! Mp3 Blog Episode XIV!

Today marks the 8th Anniversary of the Detholz! Halloween Spectacular, “Jukebox of the Dead,” and the final performance of this year’s installment: JUKEBOX OF THE DEAD VIII, “Xanadu!” takes place TONIGHT, OCTOBER 31st @ EMPTY BOTTLE in CHICAGO w/Mucca Pazza & Lord of the Yum-Yum.

We understand as of 2 PM that the show is sold out, but perhaps if you call the refined and professional staff at Empty Bottle, you can pawn off a certain undesirable item to gain entry… like your BODY, or perhaps your SOUL?

To celebrate this, Detholz!’z favorite pagan Hallmark holiday, we offer you a preview of tonight’s closer: a re-working of “John” Lenin’s “Imagine.” A little blasphemy never hurt nobody.

This is an older demo, recorded before I really knew what I was doing, so the quality isn’t spectacular. But now that you’re without a BODY or SOUL, does it really matter in the long run? Can you really hear it, anyway?

So, see you tonight… and for those of you out there in TV Land who won’t be able to make it, we wish you a safe and pleasantly plump All Hallow’s Eve!

See you next Wednesday for the recap… and for more “original” Halloween selections…


17 Responses to “JUKEBOX OF THE DEAD VIII – V.I. “John” Lenin’s “Imagine””

  1. Jim Says:

    It’s seriously sold out?! Like, seriously seriously?!

  2. detholz Says:

    Jim: You might try calling the Empty Bottle, but as of 2 PM, the show is listed as “sold out” online.

  3. Jim Says:

    *expletive deleted*

  4. kebabdylan Says:

    wow! congrats on the sold out show. I am bummed not to be there tonight. my plans were dashed by a nasty nasty head cold…

  5. Anonymous Intarweb Poster Says:

    Wow. Great show. I loved the new covers! Your Halloween shows never disappoint!

  6. Phil Says:

    Imagine? Is nothing sacred?

    Nice reworking. I like when the background vocals come in (“Imagine all the people living for today…”). I would have liked to have seen this live, too bad the show was sold out. Congrats on selling it out, though!

    And, as a home recorder myself, I’m curious as to what you know about demo recording now that you didn’t know before?

  7. dj Says:

    Missed the show too. Next time and every time from now on we’re buying tix ahead of time.

    Can someone post a set list? I’d like to know what covers I missed.

  8. detholz Says:

    Thanks to those who came to JOD VIII– our most successful Halloween show to date. And special thanks to YOU for sponsoring the event.

    *For those that missed it, a film crew taped the entire performance. I’m expecting we’ll have a finalized concert video by the end of November, courtesy of the Grand Vizier of the Maplewood House (longtime Detholz! lair), Steve Niketopoulos.

    ‘Bab: Bummer. “Get well, get well soon, we want YOU to get well.”

    AIP: Much obliged!

    Phil: Excellent question! In large part, I have learned how to make canned drums sound more convincing via layering and effects. Also, it helps to know how to use a compressor properly, which I didn’t at the time. Furthermore, my current project is to learn how master a recording convincingly. I still have a long way to go, but the little I’ve picked up has vastly improved the quality of my home recordings. Viva la Steinberg Wavelab! I don’t know how I survived so long without it.

    Of all of the “home recordists” that I know, I’m most impressed with the drum sounds of All City Affairs (Peter Andreadis, drummer for my other band, Baby Teeth). He samples his own drum set piece by piece, then layers the sounds with canned kits from Reason, Battery, etc. I think his production is top-notch. You can check his stuff out at


    Deej: Here you go…

    YOU: THE POWER OF YOU theme (a hybrid of ELO’s and Rush’s “Xanadu”s)
    BUILT THIS CITY (on Rock ‘Roll)

  9. kebabdylan Says:

    excellent about the video taping, I was actually thinking about offering to tap it before sniffle snittle huuutchoooo!!

    YOU: THE POWER OF YOU theme (a hybrid of ELO’s and Rush’s “Xanadu”s)

    sounds slightly esoteric but tastee! anything with rush in it gets my approval (I noticed that geddy and co are now tied with phil in the detholz-love department)

  10. Anonymous Intarweb Poster Says:

    “I was actually thinking about offering to tap it?”

    Please Kebab. Enough already. My kids read this.

  11. kebabdylan Says:

    just because i have a cold, doesn’t mean I have lost my mojo (maybe just the ability to type)

  12. detholz Says:

    ‘Bab: “Slightly esoteric” is my middle name.

    AIP: aksjdf;alkdsjf

    ‘Bab: Hopefully you haven’t also lost the ability to tap.

  13. dj Says:

    Thanks for postin’ the set Jim.

    CRAP! I missed Tom Sawyer! Can’t wait for the video. I’ll buy tickets for it now!

  14. detholz Says:


    “Catch the witness, catch the wit,
    Catch the spirit, catch the spit.”

    Kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

  15. Jim Says:

    Delete my *expletive deleted*.
    Awesome show, Cooper.

  16. detholz Says:

    Jim: The world needs more expletives, no?

    Or, at least, we need to familiarize ourselves with the etymology of the phrase “expletive deleted.”

    Anyway, glad you made it in.

  17. BP Says:

    I was never a real big fan of the original “Imagine”. (By the way, I have a pretty interesting John and Yoko story from my high school English teacher in Japan that I’ll have to tell you sometime.) But I really, really like this cover of it. Fantastic work as usual.

    I’d love to talk mastering techniques with you at some point if you’d like, Jim. In the meanwhile, allow me to highly recommend Bob Katz’s book “Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science.”

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