Jukebox of the Dead VIII Recap – “Prelude” & “You: the Power of You”

Welcome to Detholz! Mp3 Blog Episode XV!

Thanks to all who made it to the Detholz! 8th Annual “Jukebox of the Dead” Halloween shows last week. It was, by far, the best year yet. In Chicago, especial propers to Zen Master Lord of the Yum-Yum and the amazing Mucca Pazza marching band, which may be the New Greatest Show on Earth!

To finally cap off Detholz! Halloween proceedings– and for those who could not attend– we proudly present 2 tracks this week to give you the gist:

Jukebox of the Dead VIII Prelude

You: the Power of You

To get the full effect, these tracks should be listened to in sequence.

The Prelude was used under video of the disembodied head of Mister M (James “Jamesie” Mitchell), saying things like “YOU are the Chariot! Arise, YOU! Celebrate, YOU! YOU are the lighting! YOU are the one who can turn IF into BECAUSE!” etc. Given the chaos of the evening, it was tough to hear in the club.

A few musical asides about the Prelude:

1. It is in the dominant key of “You: the Power of You” (“U:PU” for short) — an old “Circle of 5th’s” trick to prepare you for the payoff at the beginning of “U:PU.”

2. It incorporates strains from both “U:PU” and Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man,” the pretension of which I found endlessly amusing– esp. coupled with the video of Jamesie.

“U:PU” is a mashup of three components:

1. Olivia Newton-John’s / ELO’s “Xanadu” (I took a few liberties with the harmony to “Holzify”it.)

2. Jane Fonda’s step aerobics soundtrack

3. Rush’s “Xanadu”

A challenging set of components to combine, but interspersed with some campy double-talk and guitar lixx ala “Miami Vice,” I think it works. A definitive junket into Meta-Music Land… but hey, it’s Halloween!

Tune in next week where we’ll return to “The Way It Was,” or– to quote the great U.S. President, Warren Harding– “Back to Normalcy!” [sic]


8 Responses to “Jukebox of the Dead VIII Recap – “Prelude” & “You: the Power of You””

  1. Jim Says:

    This was all such a great concept. What better way to rev everyone up than to lead a motivational speech/song. Awesome and hilarious. I’m gonna listen to this track every morning when I wake up to ensure a positive outlook throughout my day.

  2. BP Says:

    Maybe this is what I should play Mandie when she goes into labor (sometime in the next week or so)… Then again, maybe not.

  3. detholz Says:

    Jim: YOU has the power. YOU is a Klingon. YOU is a positive outlook EVERY morning.

    BP: What better way to initiate a new life than with the Power of YOU? Your new child will be so pumped up!

  4. K-train Says:

    Seeing you guys play at the Empty Bottle made me extremely happy. I hadn’t seen the Detholz! play in over a year, which is far far far too long to go without. I was at first taken aback that you wouldn’t be playing at Beloit but the drive down to Chicago was well worth it.

    You should play shows in Milwaukee. There are so many Beloiters here who love you.

    I love you.



  5. kebabdylan Says:

    Jim C., now THOSE are some words to live by! Thank you for that. I might be able to make it though the day. I have extracted the vocal track and I play it in a loop while I sleep. I think it’s helping.

    Although I may try and play them backwards in the loop. My 6th grade sunday school teacher told me if you play things backwards, you simply can’t resist their message

  6. detholz Says:

    K-Train: YOU loves you as well! Give our regards to the Beloitians– DH! will return shortly… There’s a spring festival in the works.

    ‘Bab: …anaujiram ekoms ot trats…anaujiram ekoms ot trats…

  7. kebabdylan Says:

    for some reason, I have an almost irresistible need to listen to “another one bites the dust” by queen. not sure why…

  8. Jonnie Geetahr Says:

    YOU is all geniouses, that’s all I gots to say. The Rush Xanadu reference at the end is just awesomeness in a song. Wish I was there to see YOU in the show.

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