Detholz! Ringtone – “Mister Electricity”

Greetings, and welcome to the Detholz! Mp3 Blog!

Taking the week off in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, so to titillate your senses, and so you can stay on top of all of your administrative details, this week we bring you the very first “Detholz! Ringtone” : Mister Electricity

“Mister Electricity” is one of the only songs we still occasionally play from the first album, “Who Are The Detholz!” (2001) available at our online store @ This was programmed in a “late 90’s” ringtone style (ala General MIDI), though we understand most of the kids these days are simply downloading mp3’s into their phones. So, the mp3 is above.

(If any of you ueber-geeks want the MIDI file, I’ll post it as well.)

We plan to release an entire album of these reharmonized Detholz! ditties exclusively for your phone — all under the guidance of General MIDI.

Now– turn your phone off and go take a dip in some tryptophan!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Your pals,



5 Responses to “Detholz! Ringtone – “Mister Electricity””

  1. Jim Says:

    Damn hilarious! I love the latin twist.

  2. detholz Says:

    Jim: “Que Paso? Eez Jeem there?”

  3. K-train Says:

    Why stop at ringtones? I dream of Detholz! pumped through the sound systems of elevators, grocery stores, waiting rooms, airport lounges…think about it.

    P.S. Happy after-Thanksgiving,

  4. dj Says:

    Thank you General Midi. Your forces have laid waste to yet another fine song.

  5. detholz Says:

    K-train: All of this is true and happening right now.

    DJ: “If your enemy is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him.” – The General

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