Detholz! demo – “Next New Now”

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Welcome to Detholz! Mp3 Blog Episode XX! And welcome to your Future — ’08 for a Safer State! Happy New Year to one and all!

2008 marks Detholz! 12th year as a musical entity– hard to believe we’re all getting this old! So, in the spirit of aging gracefully– and since the Iowa Caucus closes up shop this week– I thought I’d dip into the Detholz! back catalog from a stage in our musical development we’d prefer to forget: the Disco Period.


Here is our love paen to America (circa 2003), trussed up in the requisite platforms and ruffles:


*Note: the original demo tracks for “Next New Now” have been lost, so the quality of this mp3 isn’t great. If any of you DH! archivists out there still posses a higher quality version of this demo, I will happily replace the lo-fi version posted above.


“Next New Now” was the working title of the album that eventually became “Cast Out Devils” (released Halloween 2006). Originally, I had envisioned that we would pen a record full of danceable pop numbers like this one. As it turned out, Detholz! doesn’t do straight-up disco all that well– and the other members bristled at playing in that style– so we abandoned this course after preparing 2 songs: “Next New Now,” and its companion, “Palaces of Delight,” which I may post at a later date.

As I recall, the lyrics were mostly stream of consciousness. Detholz! eschews politics in its songs, but if I had to pigeonhole this one I’d say it’s a confused love song to Lady Liberty. At the time this was written, we were most of the way through George W. Bush’s first term in office and the Iraq invasion was in full swing. A confusing time for most Americans, no doubt!

Rather than reference specific events, I chose to depict the love/hate feelings that I have for America as an overweight, wayward tourist with a short attention span whom you can’t help but love. She’s the elusive and slippery dream girl with a shopping bag in one hand and an ice cream cone in the other.

Well… it made sense to me at the time.


As I had just begun my stints in other Chicago acts Baby Teeth and Bobby Conn in 2003, I had become enamored with R&B/disco, which up to that point I had avoided religiously. Both of those bands draw heavily from dance music of various flavors.

Given the musicianship of Detholz!, I figured we could tackle the “dance” genre with the best of them. Having listened to a few old live recordings from this period, I think we did a decent job, but there’s no doubt that as a group we’re uncomfortable with the “four on the floor” disco format. Speaking of the Caucuses, our “Caucasian” leanings may have gotten the best of us here!

The most successful part of this song is, in my opinion, the bridge. As I recall, I was listening to a lot of Barry White and Isaac Hayes tunes around the time I wrote this, and most likely copped the bridge from one of their songs– especially the staggered hi-hat/bass hits.

A side note: this song was intended to be an entirely different animal as evidenced by the intro. Deerhoof’s “Milk Man” had just been released– a brilliant record. I had seen them for the first time at a warehouse show in Oakland– so, we were all going ga-ga over Deerhoof at the time. This is clear from the intro to this song, which was an attempt to appropriate some of Deerhoof’s angular phrasing.

Why it turned into the disco monstrosity that it became is anybody’s guess. Feel free to weigh in on the scales of justice– just be sensitive. Miss America is easily offended!

Tune in next Wednesday for the 2nd 2008 installment of the Detholz! Mp3 Blog…. Until then, “God bless you, and God Bless the United States of America.”



It’s a perfect day for a halter top
It’s a perfect day for a coup d’etat
Take a holiday at the Pentagon
Take a break from the heat with an ice cream cone

I love the sweat on your head
When you sit in the sun
Under your visor from the Smithsonian
Your bracelet states that your colors never run

Next New Now
Show me around
Tell me secrets that you’re ashamed of
Why don’t you take me down
Lay me right down
Show me everything that you’re made of
Show me how
Next New Now
Why don’t you take me down?
Take me, shake me down

In the sky above there’s a loud report
There’s an American flag sewn on your jeans shorts
In a reflecting pool, some mini-watersports
Your tiny battleships are sailing off course

I love your bullet-proof hair
I love your bullet-proof ways
I love your cottage-cheese thighs on Sundays
I love the way you say “Out of Many, One”


I waited for you
I would have waited all night
In the fading Washington sunlight
Like a white obelisk, I saw you from afar
Driving away in a luxury car

Get in to get out
Get out to get in
Put your hand on your heart
Put your heart in your hand
I’m always wrong
So you must be right




11 Responses to “Detholz! demo – “Next New Now””

  1. kebabdylan Says:

    haven’t listened to the demo yet but I have the live version that is on emusic. And i always like this song a lot. much less “cringy” than the cinema song.

    oh, and happy new year…

  2. Phil Says:

    Wow, this sound sounds great. I always dig it when the Detholz dip into dance/disco. An entire record of such gems? Ah, that would have been sweet…

  3. Jim Says:

    I think you pull off the disco thing very well. No cringes here – It’s dance party time! Great concept lyrically too. I’d give it more fingers than just two thumbs up, but then I’d just look like I was waving at somebody. Rock on.

  4. detholz Says:

    Bab: Ahh, “Cinema Verite” — forgot about that one. You’ll have to face off with Ben — he was always partial to it. Perhaps more fodder for posting…

    Phil: My, my, my, my! Boogie Shoes! Glad you like it, though you’d have to arm wrestle some of the other Detholz! to make that record happen.

    Jim: Please. This is a family-friendly blog.

  5. Jim Says:

    I guess that did sound dirtier than it was supposed to. Woops.
    Two thumbs all the way up…into the air. Jeeze.

  6. detholz Says:

    Jim: Are they “magic thumbs?” Wait, strike that.

  7. Jim Says:

    Two, big, magic thumbs for the holz. Hmmmm….

  8. Steve Says:

    Man i love this song…
    I love your bullet-proof ways Jim

  9. kebabdylan Says:

    deerhoof comment is interesting. I always thought that that section was just so out of place but when it breaks into the song all of a sudden, it sounds right.

    my uber-cool 4 yr old residents fan has been heard singing “cho cho cho beep beep” on occasion.

  10. Sam O'Rama Says:

    I just found a copy of ‘Three songs from the upcoming album “Next New Now”‘ at the Andersonville Brown Elephant today! I also found a companion book for “The Golden Girls”. I think I will watch Golden Girls with the sound down while listening to Detholz!

  11. detholz Says:

    Sam: That’s actually a technique we’ve heard about before.

    If you start the “Eggs” EP at the beginning of Golden Girls episode #44, “Long Day’s Journey into Marinara,” with turn the TV volume down, it matches up perfectly!

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