Klassic Detholz! demo – “Palaces of Delight”

Welcome to the Detholz! Mp3 Blog, Episode XV! Sorry for the late post today, ladies and germs, but it’s snowing on us in Chicago, Khrushchev-style. This January has become a Winter Apocalypse that seems to stretch into an endless tundra of slush, traffic, and discarded fast food sacks.

When the Iowa caucuses were underway, I yanked out the first of two “Detholz! Disco” attempts from the dustbin. In keeping with Detholz! Mp3 Blog tradition, I’m posting the sister song to “Next New Now” (see previous post) from the short-lived Detholz! Disco Period in honor of Super Tuesday this week:


I remember recording this in the hallowed halls of the Maplewood House back when I was still a resident, which would put the inception date at summer 2003 or thereabouts.


As I recall, this was written just at the tail end of our attempts to assign a theme to every live show. As we had beaten the concept of the “VORTECS Corporation” to death , we decided to put a happier face on the band. [VORTECS Corporation = a mythical (??) secret society responsible for controlling all of the Detholz! movements and actions that played heavily into early shows and songs.]

So “VORTECS Corporation Headquarters” became the “Palace of Delight” — and this is its theme song. More on theme songs (and my obsessive devotion to them) in a future blog…

It ain’t exactly Shakespeare, but hey. We were younger, more attractive, and more willing to make damned fools of ourselves.


“Palaces” was written before “Next New Now,” and is a little more straightforward musically. It had a longer shelf-life in the set rotation as well, and we enjoyed playing it more than “Next New Now,” as I remember.

The “part-y,” cut-and-paste sort of songwriting endemic to early Dethozl! is easily be heard here – here’s the intro CHOP now a verse CHOP now a chorus CHOP now a repeating out chorus, etc. In terms of structure, the song has no surprises– except for a studio fade!

And speaking of studios, this recording of “Palaces” is a noisy mess– made before I’d figured out how to conjure a decent-sounding home studio recording, so listen with forgiving ears. I engaged in some trickery I’ve learned since then using Steinberg Wavelab (God bless the good people at Timeworks and Waves for their excellent compression plugins) and was able to extract a little more bang for the buck. But there are still plenty of warts, so…

Incidentally, my new best friend is the subBass compressor. That, and just the slightest hint of slapback delay. Works wonders on these canned drum ditties.

Of the two disco tunes, I’ve always preferred this one. The chorus is much catchier and punchy than “Next New Now,” even if the chord changes are a little all over the place. Hard to argue with all of those major 7th chords, though. They feel good to me, like plunging my naked arms into a barrel full of warm mayonnaise.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this one and/or are motivated to walk in slowly in rhythm back and forth across the room to the beat: “ONE-and-TWO-and-THREE-and…”

Tune in next week for more music from the Detholz! back catalog! And I promise I’ll be on time (if we aren’t experiencing another Wintry Apocalypse in Chicago, that is).

Oh, and remember: there is no difference between the Palaces of Delight and VORTECS Corporation HQ. Muah-hahaha!

p.s. Speaking of which…

In the wake of Super Tuesday, you owe it to yourself to know where your candidate really stands– in the Palaces of Delight or in VORTECS Corp. HQ?– and what his/her voting record is– Detholz! or Detholtz!? :


Make an informed choice, America! Don’t just close your eyes and donkey punch your chads!



Dream of a future in cigarette smoke
Drive down the highway, dim the lights as you go
What kind of party is Time gonna throw?
What kind of fortress will you go into?

Were made for the Night
(Will the Night last forever?)
Were made for Tonight
(Will Tonight last forever?)

Check out the birdbath, a chocolatey flow
Check out the driveway, a peppermint glow
Look at the people in the gingerbread house
Listen to words coming out of their mouths

Were made for the Night
(Will the Night last forever?)
Were made for Tonight
(Will Tonight last forever?)
Walk in the Palace of Delight

Wait in the foyer
You won’t need a lawyer
You’re feeling on top of the world

It’s a magical Night
With a sugar coating
But there’s an unsteady feeling
On the top of your tongue
Just hangs there…like a bon bon

Beautiful people make beautiful turds
Beautiful mouths make beautiful words
I want some candy from the candy tree
A great book of sugar will be read to me


Were made for the Night
(Will the Night last forever?)
Were made for Tonight
(Will Tonight last forever?)

We like the Palaces of Delight, ahh!



9 Responses to “Klassic Detholz! demo – “Palaces of Delight””

  1. Jim Says:

    More predictable than Next New Now? Not quite. This song sounds more like authentic DH material whereas Next New Now sounds like authentic disco. I’m really diggin’ this groove. Lovin’ the chord changes. And the chorus. Hell, this whole song is great.

  2. detholz Says:

    Jim: Splendid! Yeah, there are a few devices in the song (meandering changes, paper-thin, angular guitar descants, etc.) that are reminiscent of earlier DH! approaches to songwriting ala “Who Are The Detholz!?”

    This was a song that was written during the transition period between “Who Are” and “Cast Out Devils” — there’s an entire record’s worth of material in there that was never recorded by the full band. I guess we felt all of these songs were better for “B-sides” than for a proper album.

  3. kebabdylan Says:

    i think i remember hearing this one back in the day right in the middle of the “who are” standards and thinking, “what the hell was that?” (in a good sort of way)

    I think I prefer next new now, but you are surprisingly convincing with the disco. not sure if you should be worried.

    you should put out a disco ep

  4. Steam Says:

    I always loved this song…
    the nostalgia is overwhelming me…

  5. Jim Says:

    Oh man! A disco EP would be rockin’! Er…disco-in’.
    It would be quite nice.

    Tis a shame that the rest of the B-sides were not recorded. Perhaps then we could all better understand the obvious ‘change in plans’ the band had between Who Are and Cast Out with a smoother transition.

  6. detholz Says:

    ‘Bab: Rest assured that worrying about disco is at the bottom of my list. It is not a genre of music that inspires worry, after all.

    I think I can appropriate a quote from the limo driver in Spinal Tap as per the Detholz! Disco Period:

    “I would never tell ‘dem ‘DIS, but… this is a fad.”

    Steam: Making memories is what we doo.

    Jim: The “missing” DH! album would have had much more than disco on it as you will soon see…

  7. Jim Says:

    Lookin’ forward to it, Cooper man.

  8. bp Says:

    That’s a pretty fun track, as far as disco tracks go. A barrel full of warm mayonnaise, indeed! Speaking of disco, for some reason I got the urge to pull out Michael Jackson’s ‘Off the Wall’ recording this week. Good times! Or something.

  9. detholz Says:

    Jim: Prepare to get your dork on.

    bp: We are currently preparing a few Micheal Jackk tracks in the Detholz! alter ego cover band, The Incanatations ( http://www.theincantations.com ). Here’s a sampling of my favorite lyrics from “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”:

    “Heartbreak Enemy Despise
    Eternal (Ah Eternal)
    Love Shines In My Eyes (Ooh)
    So Let Love Take Us Through The Hours
    I Won’t Be Complanin’ (No No)
    ‘Cause Your Love Is Alright, Alright”

    Also, don’t miss the classic ranting and raving at the beginning of that cut. My lands!

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