No Detholz! demo – “Writer’s Block”

Greetings, all.

This week, the Detholz! Mp3 Blog is dark, but not for lack of effort.

It seems I have a colossal case of Writer’s Block– the worst I can remember. I sat for two days straight this week attempting to write a new song and got halfway through no less than 5 different possibilities. The problem? They ALL sucked a giant monkey teat. Every last one.  I mean, bad.

I’ll refrain from wasting your time writing an entry about NOT being able to write (one of the most annoying plot devices of all time, btw. Cf. “Adaptation.” Yawn.)

Suffice it to say, for some reason, the Rokkenroll Fates do not currently favor me. Check back next week.

Gone fishin’…



12 Responses to “No Detholz! demo – “Writer’s Block””

  1. jim Says:

    Adaptation was still one of Cage’s best films.

  2. detholz Says:

    Jim: The only “art about art” I’ve seen that’s any good is Fellini’s “8 1/2.” I found Adaptation to be irritating– it’s pretty obvious Kaufman wrote half a movie and couldn’t finish it, so he just made the movie about how he couldn’t finish it. Lame.

    I generally dislike Nicholas Cage, with the glaring exception of “Wild at Heart,” which is fantastic.

  3. kebabdylan Says:

    i actually enjoyed adaptation, if I remember correctly. As for nicholas cage…

    he is AWESOME! in wicker man…

  4. detholz Says:

    “Killing me won’t bring back your goddamn honey!”

    Haw, haw!

    Don’t miss the original trailer (classic!):

  5. Steve Says:

    Don’t worry too much about it, you put your recent efforts into performing a great show last week!
    Loved hearing ‘Stasiland’ and ‘Christmas’, especially Christmas, its an amazing new song!

  6. jim Says:

    C’mon! Mother F’n Ghost Rider! AND… NATIONAL TREASURE!!!! Plus….the SEQUEL!!!


    sorry…..just comin’ home from a show………drunn.k.i;jnl;k

  7. WOTSAC Says:

    I see that you’re turning to the Hard Stuff for inspiration. Ray Conniff on your MySp homepage? Please! When you get the urge to kill, just try to do me in as quickly and painlessly as possible.

  8. kebabdylan Says:

    i hadn’t seen that mash up of the original with the marquee of the remake. that was pretty clever.

  9. dj Says:

    If I can digress. I must say that the songs that I go back to the most off of this blog have been “Our Universe”, “Children of the Night” and “Neutrino Dance Party”. Three beautiful. complete, and oddly enough, non-holz pieces.

    Perhaps it’s because the other pieces are rough demos. Anyone else with me on this?

  10. dj Says:

    A few comments in defense of Adaptation:

    1. Having the Balls to write your adaptation of a book about how you can’t write the adaptation of a book and about how much you hate the book. That’s a stroke of genius.
    2. Also, from the moment his brother gets involved in the writing, the story takes a complete turn into the kind of writing that he hates but his brother loves.
    3. Love this movie only for the ridiculous screenplay that his brother is writing — a movie about someone with multiple personality disorder who is the kidnapped, the kidnapper and the policeman investigating the kidnapping.
    4. And then he goes to a hack, writing course to get his mojo back and winds up doing everything that the professor advises against.

    I’m a fan.

  11. bp Says:

    No problem on the writer’s block, my friend. It gave me an excuse to go back and listen to “Suburbanite” again, which is a very good thing.

  12. dj Says:

    Wow, apparently writer’s block is contagious.

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