Countdown to Jukebox of the Dead IX – “Detholz! FLEX!”

Greetings to one and all, aficionados, comrades, debutantes, dilettantes, admirals, privates, Christians, Muslims, Jews and Presbyterians, in the name of DETHOLZ!, the sad son of a lonely, depressed, alcoholic, gambling-addicted, eczema-addled, overweight Star Trek fanatic.  Or some such.

Hello, doughty readers!  It’s been too long.  More to say on that in future posts.

For now, to catch you up:

1. Jukebox of the Dead IX approaches THIS HALLOWEEN NIGHT at Empty Bottle in Chicago.  For those of you just joining us, “Jukebox of the Dead” is a Halloween party/show curated by Detholz! in which we perform a set of cover songs that have been blown apart, rearranged and put back together again, Frankenstein-style.

As we count down the weeks to the show, I’ll post a new cover demo every week this month.  This week, we FLEX the theme song to this year’s show for you:


(link to mp3 file)

2. At Jukebox of the Dead IX, Detholz! will release their second full-length covers album, “You: the Power of You.” The mixing is almost finished, and we’re satisfied that this recording is far superior to its predecessor.

After a summer of neglect, the blog is back.   And, to celebrate the Return of the Son of Detholz! blog, we’re throwing down the gauntlet.  Run for your lives!  It’s the


To receive an advance copy of You: the Power of You, simply follow these steps:

1. Get a blog.  If you have one, skip this step.  Ha.

2. Write a Detholz!-related blog.  Whether it’s about a show, a song, or how much you want to see Karl Doerfer (DH! guitarist) prance around in a Laura Bush costume, any and all is fair game as long as it’s Detholz!-related.

3. Put the following text somewhere in your post:

Jukebox of the Dead IX
“Detholz! FLEX!”
w/special guests Aleks and the Drummer & Hood Internet
Friday, October 31, 2008
Empty Bottle
1035 N Western Avenue
Chicago, IL
Buy tickets at

3. Post a link to the Detholz! Mp3 Blog in your blog roll.

4. Send the link to misterb at detholz dot com.

If you carefully follow these steps to the letter, here’s what you get:

1. An advance copy of “You: the Power of You” in its entirety

2. One other downloadable Detholz! record of your choosing

3. A link to your blog posted on the Detholz! blogroll

4. The satisfaction that only BLOG can provide

As is customary with posting of covers, I will not do my usual pretentious (and possibly narcisscisstic) analysis of the composition process.  Just sit back, relax and FLEX!

Tune in next Wednesday for round 2 in the countdown to Jukebox of the Dead IX!


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9 Responses to “Countdown to Jukebox of the Dead IX – “Detholz! FLEX!””

  1. dj Says:

    I gotta go get me a blog!

  2. Wotsac Says:

    Detholz! FLEX is life — your way.

  3. kebabdylan Says:

    this song is just killing me. It was immediately stuck in my head never to leave me alone again.

    is this a hodgepodge of old 80’s tunes like the power of you? I can’t place ANYTHING in it but it all sounds so familiar.

    killing me, i say, just killing me

  4. detholz Says:

    Dj: The world would be a better place for it.

    WOTSAC: Flex it your way.

    Kebab: Yes — this is a pastiche of montage music, most of which has been kicking around the outer reaches of my subconscious since I was 8.

  5. kebabdylan Says:

    i want to ask what songs are in there, but I think having it drive me crazy is actually pretty effective.

  6. bp Says:

    Hiyyyah! Take *that* you Cobra Kai punks!

  7. bp Says:

    By the way–a little known tidbit of Karate Kid trivia for your faithful readers: Sometime while this song is playing in the movie, Ali encourages Daniel by yelling, “You’re the best, kid!” Well, apparently somewhere along the line, that phrase got misinterpreted by the good folks in Japan who were in charge of retitling a not-entirely-culturally-acceptable “Karate Kid” for its theatrical release in the Land of the Rising Sun. They, of course heard her say, “You’re the Best Kid!”, and to this day, “Karate Kid” is known in Japan as “Best Kid”.

  8. dj Says:

    Hey Kebab, this is all “You’re the best” from Karate Kid. Do a YouTube search for the scene where Daniel rocks it.

    Chop Chop!

  9. kebabdylan Says:

    yep deej. I was just about to comment on you setting me straight. Jim, you finally stumped me. But I have seen karate kid pt 3 within the last year though.

    Although, do I hear eye of the tiger in there as well.

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