Countdown to Jukebox of the Dead IX : “Scarface (Push It to the Limit)”

Welcome back to the new, improved Detholz! Mp3 Blog, Mark II!  I’m no longer going to list episodes in Roman numerals– the math was starting to get too challenging for my pea-brain.

Thanks to all of you who have taken up the gauntlet of the DETHOLZ! BLOG ROLL-UP! (see below for rules) You will be the first to receive piping hot advance copies of Detholz! second album of deconstructed pop songs direct from the dentist’s office : Jukebox of the Dead II : You : The Power of You.

Three cheers to those of you who dove immediately into the fray, swords swinging!  Here are the links to our winners’ blogs thus far:

The Roll-Up is far from over, however.  Seize this opportunity to gird up your blog battle-ax and take your place among the greats in Detholz! Cyber-Valhalla — see the Blogroll to the right for these newly added champions!

As we progress into the second week of the Countdown to Jukebox of the Dead IX (if you’re new, see previous post for explanation), I give you the heart and soul of this year’s show :


Penned by the Italian master of 80’s montage music, Giorgio Moroder, and originally performed by one-hit wonder, Paul Engemann, for the Brian DePalma classic, Scarface, it is my personal favorite in the “80’s montage” genre. In fact, the entire score to Scarface is, in my estimation, the quintessential 80’s synth score.

(I should say Engemann was a TWO-hit wonder : he scored a Top Ten hit with the single “Room to Move” from the Dan Aykroyd movie My Stepmother Is an Alien.)

This year’s Halloween show will hinge upon an unholy obsession with physical fitness, and I thought this song captured some of the melancholy associated with bad body image. It was arranged in a pretty straightforward way, though in rehearsal we have decided to reorchestrate it somewhat…. I won’t spoil the surprise, however!

QUESTION: What is your favorite movie montage song? Doesn’t have to be 80’s. Send me a comment below and I’ll consider adding your favorite to the list of new Detholz! covers this year! Help, folks, I need song ideas!

Tune in next week for next installment of the Covers Countdown! See below for details on the Halloween Blog Roll-Up:


To receive an advance copy of You: the Power of You, simply follow these steps:

1. Get a blog.  If you have one, skip this step.  Ha.

2. Write a Detholz!-related blog.  Whether it’s about a show, a song, or how much you want to see Karl Doerfer (DH! guitarist) prance around in a Laura Bush costume, any and all is fair game as long as it’s Detholz!-related.

3. Put the following text somewhere in your post:

Jukebox of the Dead IX
“Detholz! FLEX!”
w/special guests Aleks and the Drummer & Hood Internet
Friday, October 31, 2008
Empty Bottle
1035 N Western Avenue
Chicago, IL
Buy tickets at

3. Post a link to the Detholz! Mp3 Blog in your blog roll.

4. Send the link to misterb at detholz dot com.

If you carefully follow these steps to the letter, here’s what you get:

1. An advance copy of “You: the Power of You” in its entirety

2. One other downloadable Detholz! record of your choosing

3. A link to your blog posted on the Detholz! blogroll

4. The satisfaction that only BLOG can provide


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7 Responses to “Countdown to Jukebox of the Dead IX : “Scarface (Push It to the Limit)””

  1. dj Says:

    Here are a few of my favorite movie montage songs: Let’s Hear it For The Boy — I think it was in Footloose, Highway to the Danger Zone – Top Gun, Footloose — this I’m sure was in Footloose, Fame (I’m gonna live forever) — from Fame.

    If you want physical fitness songs, your search starts and ends with “Let’s Get Physical”.

  2. dj Says:

    Oh, and then there’s Ghostbusters.

  3. detholz Says:

    Deej: Did Ghostbusters have a montage? All I remember was Ray Parker Jr.’s “ain’t afraid of no ghost.”

    I’m not sure I could stomach doing “Footloose.” Kenny Loggins, however, hmmm…. He has a tempting catalog.

  4. dj Says:

    Yes, there was a montage in the Movie Ghostbusters, oddly enough, to the song Ghostbusters. It was a montage of them riding around busting ghosts. Complete with news stories and newspaper covers sliding across the screen. The music even drops at one point so we can hear Larry King talk about the Ghostbusters.

    Not sure if that’s the type of montage you’re looking for.

  5. kebabdylan Says:

    i am thinking “highway to the danger zone” would be a pretty good candidate for some JOTD treatment

  6. kebabdylan Says:

    this one took me a while, being “normal” and all, but I am really liking it now.

  7. detholz Says:

    Deej: Any montage involving Larry King is worth extra examination. My favorite Larry King moment was when Donald Trump exclaimed in frustration: “Your breath is awful!”

    ‘Bab: Kenny Loggins was definitely considered at the beginning of this year’s preparations. Glad you’re into this tune– it actually sounds much more interesting live as Ben plays an auxiliary percussion part that takes it from being “decent” to “pretty okay.”

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