GFS A Cappella Group – “Silence is Golden”

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Happy New Year to all and welcome to a New American Golden Age (I think).  I don’t usually like to talk politics on this blog, but our friend, Thax Douglas (“Chicago’s Rock ‘N Roll poet laureate,” as he’s known), summed up how I felt about yesterday’s inauguration proceedings for President LaBamba perfectly in a MySpace posting.  I’ve reprinted the post here verbatim with his permission:

“Well the ice floe of the 20th century has been floating off chip by chip over the last nine years, especially when someone like Mailer died-but a huge gob of it drifted off today. I feel orphaned in the 21st century, a strange feeling even tho it was what i wanted.

People forget that catastrophes can be positive.
the Obama presidency is a positive thing but it’s still a catastrophe in that it is life-changing and irreparable.
It is comparable to a) finding you’re not dying after all-b) winning or earning a large chunk of money-c)having the girl of your dreams say “yes”-
Thus even tho Obama who I voted for and feel will be a napoleonically great president taking power is a good thing I still feel the hollowness I felt the day after 9/11.  We can never go back. It will take a while for life to rush and fill the hollowness.”

Will President LaBamba end up being the girl of our dreams, with all of the large chunks distributed in all of the right places? Only time will tell.


Today’s mp3 post is a little out of the ordinary, to say the least. 

Last week, without warning, Detholz! received a fully-realized a cappella vocal arrangement of “Silence is Golden” via email from a longtime fan, Allen Drew, which I’m posting here with his permission:


Allen is the a cappella choral director at Germantown Friends School in the Philadelphia area and this performance of “Silence is Golden” (first track on Cast Out Devils, Detholz!’s second album from 2006 available at is by his kids in the high school a cappella group, called (strangely) “GFS A Cappella.”

For those of you who have been with Detholz! for any span of our 12-year history, you know we revel in deconstructing pre-existing music & patching it back together in Frankensteinian fashion (see posts leading up to Halloween last year/previous years…). Suffice it to say, an arrangement of “Silence is Golden” — a decidedly Shatner-esque spoken word track — for a high school a cappella chorus really tickled us pink. Detholz! all gathered ’round the computer to listen after rehearsal last week & there were high-fives all around.

So, big thanks/mad props to Allen and his excellent singers for all of the effort that went into this recording! Speaking of which, this track is from an entire album of deconstructed a cappella songs, called Vinyl, much in the spirit of Jukebox of the Dead (Detholz! annual Halloween cover show). Vinyl is available for purchase for $17, with all proceeds going to benefit the GFS a cappella vocal program.

To order your copy, send a check for $17 made out to “Germantown Friends School” with “A Cappella” in the memo line to:

Allen Drew,
Germantown Friends School,
31 W. Coulter St., Philadelphia, PA 19144

Allen can also be reached for questions at

Here’s a sampling of the track listing, just to whet your appetite. Due to some sort of psychic anomaly, the kids are singing a lot of songs Detholz! have covered in Halloweens past:

Kiss – Prince

I Used to Love Him – Lauryn Hill/MJ Blige

Love Shack – The B-52s

Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap

The Girl From Ipanema – Astrud Gilberto

Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

Faith – George Michael

Helplessly Hoping – CSNY

Mexico – James Taylor

Somebody to Love – Queen

Silence is Golden – Detholz!

White Wedding – Billy Idol

Livin’ on a Prayer – Jon Bon Jovi

Final Countdown – Europe (This one makes Jonny proud!)

Thanks again, Allen and the kids at GFS!

Tune in next Wednesday for another installment of Detholz! Mp3 Blog…


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9 Responses to “GFS A Cappella Group – “Silence is Golden””

  1. sandra Says:

    Ariel went to the Germantown Friends School!

  2. Jim Says:

    Very excellent. The build is perfect.

  3. Raion Taiko Says:

    Wow! This arrangement makes my bosom feel warm 🙂

  4. kebabdylan Says:

    i always thought of this as a throw away track (sorry), but this is really an awesome take on it. kudos to all involved.

  5. bp Says:

    Nice work, GFS a capella group!

  6. detholz Says:

    All: Thanks for listening!

    If you have $17 to spare in these trying times, why not thank the kids at GFS by buying their CD?

    Info is in the above post… Keep music education in the U.S. alive and well, people!

  7. Fragile Porpoise Says:

    One of those tracks I always forget I love until I’m listening to it.

  8. dj Says:

    When you said they were covering “Silence is Golden”, I immediately thought it was a mistake. There are so many other ‘holz songs, I thought, that would be better to cover.

    Oh boy, was I mistaken. This is great. Excellent, excellent job.

  9. detholz Says:

    Dj: Ha, yes, I had the same reaction when I got the initial email. Turns out it was probably one of the better songs they could have done in the a cappella format!

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