Pictures from the Hideout show

Greetings, one and all!

A short post this evening.

A friend of Detholz!, Sarah Rhee Danyluk – one of the best live show photog’s here in town – took a series of pictures at the Sunday show I thought I’d share.

You can view them HERE.

Thanks to all who came, to Colby Starck for filling in on drums (see previous posts) and welcome back to Rick Franklin! It was his first show with us in 7 years!

Now that I’ve closed out a huge, all-consuming scoring project, I plan to post more frequently. Check back soon for more free downloads!

Also, as an aside, I did a session today with burgeoning Chicago singer-songwriter DANIEL KNOX. Check out his stuff at! He’s caught the ears of David Lynch and Rufus Wainwright – a true up-and-comer in Chicago!



2 Responses to “Pictures from the Hideout show”

  1. Brian Sole Says:

    Very nice pics. You guys all look like playoff hockey players with your beards. (except for Ben). Welcome back, Rick.

  2. bp Says:

    Yes, a hearty “Welcome Back!” to Rick “Chick Magnet” Franklin!

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