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Jukebox of the Dead IX Countdown – “Built This City” Sneak Preview!

October 29, 2008

Greetings to all of our readers: warlocks, philosophers, goblins, Wiccans, vampyres, hockey moms, personal trainers, devil worshipers, Joe Six-Packs, Wall Street, Main Street, dungeon masters, fire demons, incubi/succubi plus all paying members of Bally’s:


Detholz! present:

“Jukebox of the Dead IX : FLEX”
w/special guests ALEKS & THE DRUMMER and HOOD INTERNET
@ Empty Bottle
1035 N Western Avenue
Chicago, IL

$12 in advance, $15 @ the door

Buy your tickets in advance!  The past few years, we’ve had to turn people away at the door:

The red text is starting to hurt my eyes, so we will revert back to classic black.  Speaking of hurting eyes, those of you who elect to join us Friday evening had better brace for what’s in store…

For our last installment in the countdown, I give you a sneak preview of our new covers records, available for the first time on Friday night:


The record is being mixed as we speak by Shape Shoppe/Obey Your Brain maven, Blue Hawaii, so this is not the final mixdown.  This is, however, MY mix of this song, which was arranged originally by Mr. Ben Miranda, Detholz! bassist (see last week’s entry).  In fact, we’ll be doing quite a few of Ben’s arrangements this year.

“Built This City” by Jefferson Starship routinely wins awards and accolades as one of the worst charting pop songs of all time.  Our arrangement has evolved from Ben’s original over the past few years and it’s always been one of my favorite Detholz! covers to sing.  The lyrics are impenetrable, ponderous, and downright bizarre!

In fact, “knee deep in the hoopla” has become something of a catchphrase in the Detholz!/Baby Teeth lexicon.

LATE ADDITION: Of course, it took my wife to remind me of the special significance of this song.  In homage to Starship, Ben Miranda’s arrangement, Detholz!, Bobby Conn, Baby Teeth and all of the other musicians present and not present at our wedding this past summer with whom I’ve had the privilege of associating, I did a special arrangement of “Built This City” for woodwind quintet that was performed at the end of our wedding ceremony.  We listed it as “Wir Bauen Diese Stadt” by J. Raumschiff so as not to upset the priest.

If you wish to sink deeper into the hoopla, I posted a mockup here:


Thanks to all who participated in the Detholz! Blog Roll-Up this month!  We apologize that you haven’t received your advance copies of the new covers record by now, but we are still waiting to receive the final mixes from Blue Hawaii.  Those of you who come to the show Friday, feel free to look me up after the show for some free stuff.

The Detholz! Blog will be dark next week as I will be in catch-up mode after Halloween (and busy voting), but tune in Wed., 11/12 as we resume our normal blogramming.