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Travelers of Tyme present “Music for Lovers!”

February 14, 2011


Travelers of Tyme engineer music precisely for holidays such as St. Valentine’s Day, a complex and contradictory day. For some, it is a day of romance, of flowers, sweet kisses, and nostalgic, warm conversation. For others, it is a day of heartache, of loneliness, and perhaps dark fantasies involving the Hallmark company and the calling of robotic minions to do biddings against the makers of cards. Regardless of where you find yourself this February 14th, we encourage you to lower the lights, pour a snifter of wine or whiskey for yourself and your special friend, if you have one, and switch on “Music for Lovers.” The Travelers cannot guarantee you will enjoy all of your experiences on this planet — but we CAN guarantee that we will make them sound better!

So go ahead, talk softly over “Music for Lovers.” Clink your glasses, kiss your kisses, whisper your sweet nothings into real or imagined ears. “Music for Lovers” is music meant to sway softly in the background, like a silhouetted palm tree in a warm, sea breeze. It is music to live to and, of course, music to love by!

(Note: listen at work and watch your productivity increase by 40%!)

Thank you, as always, for choosing Travelers of Tyme for all of your musical wallpaper needs. And Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your beloved, whether in flesh or fantasy.

Professor Yaya & Doctor Klem
The Travelers of Tyme


DRAC – “Piece of Heaven”

December 31, 2008

Greetings, troglodytes, & Happy Last Year of the Aughties!

Before we begin, a short advertisement for the Detholz! show THIS SATURDAY, JANUARY 3rd @ SCHUBAS w/PINK DEVIL & SONOI (ex-MANISHEVITZ)!

This will be Detholz! last appearance in its current configuration — more news on that will be forthcoming — but why not ring in the New Year once the ringing in your ears from your punishing hangover has ceased by joining us for a fantastic billing. PINK DEVIL is the new project of our compatriot (and my new neighbor), Danny Black, and SONOI is the newest outing for the leading members of our booking agency rostermates, MANISHEVITZ. It will be a family nite not to be missed, and we will be debuting some new material as well…

Also, Facebook has finally broken the collective will of Detholz!, so if you’re a part of this nefarious, time-consuming religious cult, then why not add yourself as a fan?

Okay, on with the show…

Firstly, apologies for my long absence. Once Thanksgiving hits, my life goes into hyperspace at my various jobs & I revert to a troglodytic existence until the Yuletide tsunami has crashed and dispersed.

For this last week of 2008, I give you another installment in the full-scale musical I’m writing based loosely on the “Dracula” story (see previous post):


Some scene-setting exposition: this “aria” occurs in the middle of Act I. Without giving too much away, it’s a song sung by a vampire welcoming a major character to a vampiric trailer park (“Wallachian Manor”) in Appalachian Pennsylvania, 1956.

“Musically speaking,” (hardy har har) this musical is by far the most ambitious and challenging piece of music I’ve written yet. Not only am I composing songs, but there is all manner of ancillary material — narrative interludes, instrumental transitions, etc. — not to mention the libretto (a.k.a. the “lyrics” of the story) or the orchestration. To further complicate matters, once this is finished, I’m going to need to recruit some warm-blooded humans to cover certain parts on the recording, including female vocalists, string & brass players, and probably a percussionist or two.

Before Christmas I had a minor breakdown on this project– it just got too overwhelming. The cherry on top is that this is a Musical — a format I’ve detested my entire life (see previous post) — so I’m having to surmount a certain degree of distaste & a healthy dose of insecurity to boot. Will all of this work ultimately be worth it for an admittedly ridiculous musical adaptation of Dracula? I guess you, doughty listener, will have to be the final judge.

I’m about 5 songs into the thing now & I have the suspicion that today’s is the best of the lot. I’ve been listening to a lot of ’50’s bubblegum pop to study for this project– The Platters, in particular– so you’ll hear a lot of elements of that style appropriated for use here, incl. the classic 6/8 piano chords that run throughout the whole song & the “doo-wop” background vocals.

Another element I’m proud of is my newest toy: a theremin! I’m ham-handedly trying to learn how to play it, but it’s one of the most difficult instruments I’ve ever attempted. What is a theremin, you ask? Click here for the full skinny. It’s an early electronic instrument controlled entirely by gesture– so there’s no reference for pitch other than one’s ear. Suffice it to say, it ain’t easy. I’ve spent hours on the thing and I can barely play a scale.

What do you think of this? Yea? Nay? Neigh? Help me out, folks. By my calculation, orchestrating songs like this takes me about four times as long as writing your average Detholz! song, so it’s a big commitment.

Tune in next week for more! I’m not teasing this time!

And have a safe and resplendent New Year!



Squeeze me until my breathing ceases
Don’t catch me when I fall
Awake forever,
Warm with your fluid,
I welcome you to our piece of heaven

Floating away from earthly bodies
Pressing your lips to mine
We are forever,
Rich with the color,
I welcome you to our piece of heaven

I want to lose myself in time
I want to break free
The present is ours forever
Moist and cloudy,
You surround me,
Taste my heart,
Feel my last heartbeats…

Hold me against you
Let me feel you tremble
Swept underneath my tide
This world is ours
Always remember
I welcomed you

I welcome you!

Jim Cooper – DRAC I

November 19, 2008


In their continued epic struggle for supremacy, THE M’s and DETHOLZ! pit two giant custom-built robots against one another in a vicious mecha-duel that promises rampant carnage, death and destruction!  Watch from the sidelines, or feel free to participate in the slaughter yourself!


In one corner, DETHOLZ! mount up their custom-built, constitution-eating steely chasse known as DIKK CHAINEY, who spews motor oil from his 10-ton cannons and eats Colin Powells for breakfast!

In the opposite corner, THE M’s power up the gigo-normous & steely moose slayer, SARE A’PAILIN’!  Watch her eviscerate and devour the English language as her gaping metal jaws work the system like a mega Johnny Cochran!

Watching two giant Republican robots battle to the death was never this exciting!

Hope to see you!

Also: buy a copy of the new Jukebox of the Dead cover album at !

VORTECS Corp. Federalist Society Dept.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program…

Welcome back to the Detholz! Mp3 Blog, and mucho apologio for the missed week last week.

There is a reason for my tardiness. Allow me to explain:

Lujo Records, the doughty DC label that releases Baby Teeth’s records (new album “Hustle Beach” coming this Spring, incidentally!), has decided to release 3 solo albums from the 3 Baby Teeth members, Abraham Levitan, Peter Andreadis and myself, in advance of the release of “Hustle Beach.”

Since I have been writing for Detholz! for so long, I don’t really have much in the way of Jim Cooper solo repertoire. So I was stumped for a few days. Do I write an album of tear-jerking, convulsion-inspiring, vomit-inducing “serious” songs that really plumb the depths of my incredibly complex and interesting emotional construct? That seemed narcissistic and, frankly, my emotional construct isn’t that complicated. (Example: after an extremely irritating evening last night, my wife made me a plate of spicy sausage. Problem solved!)

Another idea: write an album of montage-inspired music, much in the vein of FLEX (see previous Oct. 08 posts). I was ready to jump that train but then rethought it: after the third song or so, the joke would get old. Besides, who wants to listen to a novelty record any more? I might as well record myself reading Yakov Smirnov jokes.

So, for better or worse, I decided to challenge myself and write in a format which I have virulently detested my entire life: I decided to write a MUSICAL. (Cue thunder and lightning)

Musicals have traditionally chapped my ass something awful. I have a big problem suspending disbelief when people suddenly and inexplicably burst into song. Additionally, the sort of humor typically found in musicals is what Dick Cavett might call “bridled hilarity.” In other words, it’s poncy as hell.

My wife has slowly been changing my mind as to the viability of the Musical format, starting me off gently with Sweeney Todd, which, all things considered, is really pretty great. The songs are complex and layered, plus there’s a sufficient amount of good gore and violence to hold my Neanderthal male interest. I am also slowly coming around to “Jesus Christ Superstar,” though I’m not all the way there yet. The first South Park film stands on its own merit as a great piece of musical satire.

I feel like I’m slowly lowering myself into the Hot Tub of Musicals, testing every inch of the water as I descend. As Eddie Murphy once said: “It’s HOT in the Hot Tub! It’ll make you sweat-a!”

I’m not going to divulge what this musical is about yet, but suffice it to say it’s loosely based on the classic Dracula story and most of the action unfolds in a trailer park in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania. To get things started, I began with an instrumental piece:


The scene: a dishonest, sleazy country lawyer is driving higher and higher into the mountains on the proverbial dark and stormy night.

More to come…

See you next Wednesday!