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Detholz! demo – “Water on the Brain”

July 1, 2008

Welcome to Detholz! Mp3 Blog Episode XXIX!

Abject apologies for a protracted absence!

With 3 jobs, 2 bands and a wedding to plan, the number of plates I’m spinning this summer I dare not tell.

This week, a song I had hoped to clutch closely to my teat until the record release. Realizing my ineptitude for time management, and hearing the requests of fans for the demo after shows, I give you:


This is one of the early tracks that was voted onto the new record by the band, and has been in rotation over a few US tours. Generally, the response has been really good, especially at a certain club in Pittsburgh, where this number raised the roof and brought it down again.

Unfortunately, given my ridiculous time constraints, I’m going to have to leave you to interpret this one on your own. Suffice it to say it centers on our capacities to be Beasts. Human Animals.

The only clue I’ll give you: a musical reference to the song “Cast Out Devils,” the title track of our last record (which can be found in a previous post!) This is a similar song of grief. Not death in this case, but loss of friendship.

Also, I hereby dedicate this number to one of my favorite Biblical characters, the widely misunderstood King Nebuchadnezzar.

I promise to be more diligent about posting weekly! Trust me, I’ll be back once this wedding has blown over, oh yes…

Tune in next week for a painfully embarrassing episode!


Upstairs what’s happening
Upstairs at night
A boiling and a bubbling
Stir it left to right

A hot, sticky package
In the back of your mouth
Inside is a message
Rip it out
Figure it out

We will never meet again
We will never be the same
There are creatures in our hearts
Pumping water on the brain

Stand upon a balcony
High above the ground
Growing claws like an animal
Making animal sounds

My neck is wide open
I lay down in the mud
Sink your teeth into me
While I pump the blood

We will never meet again
We will never be the same
There are creatures in our hearts
Pumping water on the brain

“Cabbages, knickers”–
My enemy–
“It hasn’t got a beak!”
A kingdom of bellies hangs off of me
and drags along the street

Ah, my brother!

I will never bleed again
You will never speak my name
There are devils in our hearts
Pumping water on the brain

My throat is coming out
You’re tearing it away
We’re crawling on all fours
Kings of all that we survey