JUKEBOX OF THE DEAD X “FAME” podcast – Episode 1: Neverland

Aficionados, after along hiatus, we are pleased to announce the triumphant return of the Detholz! blog – and the first incarnation of the JUKEBOX OF THE DEAD HALLOWEEN PODCAST!

Detholz! are pleased to announce the 10th Anniversary Halloween Jukebox of the Dead cover show has been confirmed. Buy tickets early and often as this show usually sells out. And, for all of you younger, sprightlier Detholz! fans, the show is 18 and up!

DETHOLZ! present:
October 31, 2009
Lincoln Hall
2424 Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL
Tickets available soon at www.schubas.com


After 10 years of picking through the candied detritus of pop music’s underside at Halloween – and after 13 years almost to the day as a band – Detholz! have been locked away in recent months, chewing on our thumbnails, reflecting on the fleeting nature of mortality, the preservation of our legacy and, most importantly, the liberal application of exfoliating lotions.

To that end, I had occasion this week to visit my Los Angeles offices (don’t ask) for a very special Tuesday appointment.  The meeting, as it turned it out, went very poorly.  Extremely so.

In fact, I barely escaped alive.  But I did escape.  And was… transformed.

I kept a verbal record of this experience on my dictaphone for my secretary, Jean, that I am posting here for all the world to hear.  And, on Halloween, we shall emerge from our chrysalis for all the world to see:






Click here for FAME EPISODE 1 : Neverland


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5 Responses to “JUKEBOX OF THE DEAD X “FAME” podcast – Episode 1: Neverland”

  1. bp Says:

    A hearty “welcome back!” to the Detholz! on their blog. Love the MJ story–just the right amount of creepy for Halloween, I think.

  2. Fragile Porpoise Says:

    I can’t… form… those things. You know, the things people say stuff with, like, words and stuff but more of them so you – Sentences! Yeah, them. I’m just all yay and stuff. Huzzah and such. It sounds like so much awesome I almost stopped myself from pointing out there’s an E missing in the title in jukebox.
    So close.

    But joy!

  3. detholz Says:

    bp: Story? What story?

    porp: I haven’t been spelling so well since the transformation.

  4. The Educated Fool Says:

    How long did it take you to write this? Very cool and enjoyable. I’ll be listening for the next episode…

    • detholz Says:

      Ed Fool: Thanks for listening. It’s extremely important. Doesn’t take too long to do these – usually an afternoon, as the spirit moves.

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